Lavender Fields - Aromatherapy for Childbirth

10 Good Links of Lavender’s Usefulness in Childbirth

1. Lavender essential oil can be useful for anxiety

Evidence from multiple high-quality randomized trials suggests a role for lavender essential oil in the treatment of anxiety disorders. The calming effect of lavender without sedation is discussed, as well as lack of dependence.

2. Inhaling the scent of lavender for 4 weeks can prevent stress, anxiety, and depression after childbirth

A 2016 clinic trial of 140 women.

3. Even a single drop of lavender oil can really help out with reducing the anxiety and pain associated with cannulation

Small but fascinating study.

4. Blended oil preparations with lavender essential oil create synergistic antimicrobial effect

Blends accumulate the active components such as linalool and linalyl acetate (such as in lavender essential oil) and combine the active constituents of more than one oil.

5. One study backing up one aspect of the synergistic effect of lavender

Lavender contains a high proportion of linalool that effects antimicrobial efficacy of essential oils, which shows the increased therapeutic potential of essential oil blends.

6. Use of lavender essential oil directly on the skin with a discussion on risks v benefits

“…lavender oil has been successfully used in wound healing at 4%, with no adverse effects. Dermatological testing also reveals a lack of irritation. In a 48 hour occlusive patch test on 50 Italian volunteers, undiluted lavender oil produced no adverse reactions.” A link to the amazing Tisserand Institute. Many aromatherapy information goodies to be found on this website.

7. The use of Lavender hydrosol

Distilled. Gentler to use than the essential oil. Also called hydrolat and flower water.

8. Research showing that inhaling lavender to aid relaxation is not just an old wives tale

9. More news about lavender’s special qualities

10. Extra information backing up why we use Lavendula angustifolia type for childbirth