Our E-Course is launching soon!

Demand for our course has increased and requests for us to teach it come in from all over and beyond the UK. We are limited in how much time we can spend travelling to provide courses in person alongside our busy working lives.   The Covid-19 pandemic cemented the need for us to make an online option for taking the course as well as meeting the demands from further afield.

There are a few differences in the presentation of the course from the in-person event to make it work for the online user but the content is essentially the same. The course is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM).

There are benefits to both ways of learning in-person and online. The online platform gives us more potential to meet others from further afield, to work at a slower pace if that is needed and to review the lessons again, such as the online massage video sequence, which we feel will be an added bonus to be able to repeat for the online user.

Although the tutors might feel less accessible than on in-person study days, we are very much in the room with you, but we are only a click away and will be there to answer questions and to review your answers.

You will be able to enrol via this webpage very soon!