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Our RCM accredited E-Course is available now as a discounted price for groups.

Study Day

With a good balance of theory and practical work our one day course is packed with an array of ancient to modern methods to safely and effectively provide aromatherapy in maternity care settings.  We teach how essential oils may positively impact birth by promoting relaxation, easing breathing, calming fears and directing focus.

We aim to broaden midwives and other birth workers’ understanding alongside women’s access to alternative methods of managing the experience of childbirth through enhancing skills and knowledge for working on the holistic level with women.


Who is the day for?

Any professional working with labouring women.  This includes midwives, doulas and their students as well as maternity and health care assistance and other birth workers.


What will you learn?

You’ll learn to employ a new set of tools to enhance your ability to sensitivity respond to the complex and changing needs of birthing women.  Not only on the physical level of helping to calm and cool, but also discover how essential oils may boost birth worker and women’s confidence to be present with the powerful emotional aspects of birth.

Innovative professional teaching provides detailed theoretical knowledge of five carefully chosen essential oils.  A variety of applications will be practiced and discussed including how to blend these oils safely and effectively.  We include some massage training as a method of essential oil application, to enhance relaxation and encourage oxytocin release.  Other active birth techniques to use with or alongside aromatherapy are taught along with health and safety, legal and ethical issues.

You can’t learn the whole of Aromatherapy or Massage in one day; however, our course shows that you can learn to be safe and effective with these skills with an in-depth knowledge of a limited number of oils. We aim to load your ‘toolkit’ to the brim with new ideas to work holistically with birthing women.


Can I Practice After the Study Day?

On successful completion, our attendees are certified as competent to practice straight away.  For many NHS Trusts completion of a recognised RCM accredited course such as Aromatherapy for Childbirth is sufficient.  Sometimes further in-house or other training may be required prior to using aromatherapy at work, check local policies.

What if there are no guidelines?

We help individuals who are keen to get a service up and running in their Trusts and provide a sample guideline that is freely available to our course attendees to help write or update their own.  If you need to implement practice in your Trust we will encourage and support your efforts as part of you attending the course.

How can the course help women in childbirth?

At the end of the study day, your ‘toolkit’ is bursting at the seams with alternative ideas for helping women to manage labour. If the woman has a head or back ache or she feels sick or worried then the midwife has gentle means of easing these discomforts by pleasurable, gentle remedies, as opposed to the often-painful administrations of medication which are generally associated with significant undesired side effects.

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